Prayer Request from Doreen

My cousin’s son Cubby has Spinal Muscular Atrophy – and lately he has been having problems with gallstones. He has had a fever since Sunday with lots of soreness on his side. He was admitted to Yale Children’s Hospital yesterday and after many test they decided they are going to have to go in and remove his gallbladder before any infection spreads around his body – the surgery is scheduled for this afternoon.

This would not be such a serious operation for other children, but because Cubby’s health is so compromised already, it is a very risky operation. Please keep him and my cousin Laura in your prayers – she is obviously very nervous. The doctors do believe his pulmonary stats are well enough to make it through the operation, but because he also has severe scoliosis, all his organs in his body are compressed and in different places making it very tricky for the surgeon.

Please feel free to put Cubby on any prayer chain you may know of – his last name is Wax.

Thanks again,

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